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About Pyrenees honey

We are Karen Puerta and Tim Walker. Karen lived in Spain for 20 years and knows the country intimately.


An obsession with raw honey grew out of buying raw honey from a local beekeeper where we holidayed in the Spanish pyrenees. We were amazed at the flavour of the local honey compared to the honey that was available in the UK. Bringing jars back for friends and family alerted us to the fact that we might be onto something really exceptional. From this grew the idea of importing the honey to sell in the UK.



We are now based part of the year in Aragon in the Spanish pyrenees and part of the year in the UK.


Our idea is to promote a superior kind of raw honey in Britain - from small scale Spanish beekeepers. One of the problems with honey in the UK is that much of the production is similar to factory farming - and each jar of honey cannot be traced back to its source. We exactly where the hives are for each jar of honey that we sell.


This is superior grade honey, probably some of the finest that is available - certainly the best we have tasted.


Currently we work with two beekeepers. Ramon's is the original honey we discovered, close to where we are based in the Pyrenees. Ramon is committed to a traditional style of beekeeping. His honey is not pasteurised and is only coarse filtered so that the pollen remains in the honey.


We met the other beekeeper, Antonio, at a convention on organic foods. His hives are based in the mountain ranges to the north of Madrid. His honey is raw and certified organic. Antonio is the fourth generation in his family to keep bees for honey.


Both beekeepers sell really exceptional honey.


Mainly we sell this honey online, but we also go to markets and shows like the Farmer's Market in Churchill Square, Brighton which is every Wednesday and food and drink festivals.


We don't just sell honey, we also sell rugs made out of recycled cotton on and organic olive oil and ceramics (although the latter aren't currently available on line).


We spend a lot of time thoroughly researching the honey and other items we sell. So for example, we go to see the hives for all the different floral varieties of honey we supply and witness the honey extraction process. As well as this we ensure that the supplier has all the required documentation. To order our honey go here.

If you want to contact us either send an email or call 01273 382263.

Karen Puerta        Tim Walker


The Magic of Spain is a private company limited by shares, Company number 05610398



Pyreneeshoney Market Stall Showing Ceramics and Olive Oil as well as Honey

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